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Terms & Conditions

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of text, images, layouts and specifications it

cannot be guaranteed. All content is subject to change without notice in respect to regulations, compliances and/or

upgrades New Age Caravans or its suppliers may issue. All standard specifications for the ranges may not be displayed

on the pages indicated. The purpose of the catalogue is illustrative. Pictures inside the catalogue may depict and/or

include some elements not belonging to the standard equipment or portray products belonging to different markets or

past models.


ENDURO/DELUXE DISCLAIMER: Semi Off Road means travel on gravel or graded unsealed roads but does NOT include deep rough

roads and/or roads with large ruts or large pot holes; or severely uneven surfaces or water crossings which are greater

than the lowest point of the chassis rails. This simply means unsurfaced roads that are still drivable whether the surface

is gravel, grass, mud or any type of unsealed drivable surface. A common sense approach is required in respect of Off

Road travel as gas regulations and construction will limit preventions against dust, stone damage and water infiltration.

You must at all times travel at safe speeds taking into account variations in road conditions which may cause excessive

vibrations or swaying which may cause intentional or unintentional damage to your caravan.



1. Cash back amount
You will only be entitled to receive the amount of AU $1,000 from New Age Caravans (Cash Back) if you comply with all of the terms and conditions contained in this document.
2. Vehicle type and purchase period
The Cash Back only applies to the purchase of a New Age Caravans Road Owl (Road Owl) between 1 November 2017 and 28 February 2018 inclusive. “Purchase” means the placing of an order and receipt by the dealership where you bought the Road Owl (Dealership) of the deposit amount agreed between You and the Dealership at the time of Purchase.
3. Exclusions
3.1. You will not be entitled to the Cash Back until:
3.1.1. the full purchase price of the Road Owl has been received by the Dealership;
3.1.2. You have collected the Road Owl by no later than 30 June 2018 (if collection does not occur by 30 June 2018, Your entitlement to the Cash Back will lapse); and
3.1.3. You have obtained recreational vehicle registration of the Road Owl.
3.2. You are not entitled to the Cash Back if you are an employee or officer of New Age Caravans or you are an immediate family member of such a person.
3.3. The Cash Back is not transferrable to any person. Only You are entitled to the Cash Back if all the terms and conditions of this cash back offer have been satisfied.
3.4. The Cash Back cannot be applied as a reduction to the purchase price of the Road Owl.
4. Processing of the Cash Back
4.1. At the time of Purchase, the Dealership will give you, in addition to these terms and conditions, a form from New Age Caravans requesting by email:
4.1.1. a copy of Your receipt;
4.1.2. confirmation that You have collected the Road Owl;

4.1.3. a copy of your recreational vehicle registration for the Road Owl; and
4.1.4. Your bank account and other personal details,
to enable New Age Caravans to process the Cash Back by electronic funds transfer only, which is strictly the only means by which the Cash Back will be processed. New Age Caravans will not be liable to You in respect of any Cash Back that You do not receive as a result of You supplying incorrect bank account details.
4.2. IMPORTANT: If You do not provide all of the information requested in the form referred to above by the date that is 3 months after the collection of Your Road Owl (which must have been registered to enable collection), the Cash Back offer will be deemed as lapsed and You will not be entitled to any Cash Back.
5. Governing Law
Any dispute in relation to these terms and conditions will be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria.
6. Acceptance
You acknowledge and agree that You have understood and accept these terms and conditions and that they form the sole and entire agreement between You and New Age Caravans with respect to the cash back offer and no warranties, representations, guarantees or other terms or conditions of any nature not contained in these terms and conditions will be of any force or effect.


Take Me on a Holiday – P&O and BIG4 Promotion

This promotion is run by New Age Caravans Head Office not our Representing Dealerships.

This promotion will be advertised from the 1st of January 2018 until the 31st October 2018. Promotional offer will be valid until 30th November 2018.

To be eligible for this promotion the client must have ordered or purchased a “new” or “second-hand” New Age Caravans caravan from a New Age Caravans dealership between the 1st January – 31st October 2018.  The client must provide a copy of the promotional ad displayed in P&O’s onboard magazine or quote “take me on a holiday”. Once an order is placed and contract signed with deposit paid, this deal cannot be claimed retrospectively. The Big4 Membership will only be issued once the client has taken delivery of their caravan and the paperwork has been received and approved by New Age Caravans Head Office. The registration paperwork (as attached) is to be filled in at the dealership/point of sale, signed by both the client and representing dealer and emailed to by the representing dealer.

Promotion requests can take up to 6 weeks to process with the Big4 memberships being posted to the nominated address on the promotional registration form.

If forms are not received by New Age Caravans within 4 weeks from acceptance of the full payment of the caravan and/or the client taking delivery of their caravan, the deal may be declared void. The manufacturer, New Age Caravans, reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. If a customer (having already paid the deposit) reneges on the deal, they will NOT be eligible to receive the free 12 month Big4 membership.

If the client is already a Big4 member, the membership offer will still apply with dates of the new membership commencing once the current membership expires.

By registering and accepting this promotion, the client agrees to New Age Caravans privacy policies and understand that personal details will be stored on New Age Caravans database and shared with Big4 Holiday Parks.