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Australia is the dream destination for locals and tourists alike; there is nothing quite like the endless stretches of mountain, undulating desert scenery, and magnificent coral reefs the island country has to offer. It’s long been known that touring the country with a caravan is by far the best way to see it. Not only can you get up close and personal with the diverse and welcoming landscape, but you have full flexibility and comfort when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Travelling across this vast continent, you need a reliable caravan that will withstand harsh conditions. New Age Caravans manufactures recreational vehicles that are hardy yet premium in their quality. Designed with care by the leading engineers in the field, a van from New Age is guaranteed to take you from destination to destination in the ultimate comfort.

Our caravans offer advanced safety assurances

With an exceptional safety rating and industry-standard safety features in your new caravan, you can hit the road knowing your safety is being taken care of.

Not only do the vehicles abide by the highest rating of every state and territory, your purchase comes with a range of additions that will put your mind at ease. We provide dedicated roadside assistance throughout Australia so that, in the off-chance your caravan breaks down while on tour, you won’t have to worry about getting it up and running again. The New Age Assist program sends one of our dedicated mechanics direct to you 24/7 – and we’ll even let your nominated friends and family know you’re in a spot of trouble.

A range of different options for your journey

No matter your style of travel or the size of your family, we’re able to match you to your perfect caravan. Whether you prefer something small and compact (but still decked out with luxury travel essentials) or you want to go all-out with a spacious caravan that will see you around Australia, New Age is the right brand for you.

Our manufacturers pour utmost attention into every element from the mechanics and inner workings, to the outdoor living spaces, to the comfort of your own bed and seating areas inside the van. Not only this, but our intuitive designs feature everything from washing machines and ensuites, to seemingly endless storage, so you don’t have to miss out on the comforts of home.

Drop by a dealership

Visit one of our dealerships across Australia to see first-hand what sets our caravans apart. Located in significant cities, there is a certified dealership in nearly every state. Our head office is located in Epping, meaning buying a caravan in Victoria couldn’t be simpler; but our trained dealers are also there to help you throughout the country.

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