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New Age Caravans Manufacturer’s Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a New Age Caravan. New Age Caravans Pty Ltd ACN 112 877 139 (New Age) agrees to provide you (the Customer) with a warranty against the defects listed in clause 1 below arising in the caravan (Product) you purchased on the terms and conditions set out in this manufacturer’s warranty (Manufacturer’s Warranty).

1. Subject to all terms in this Manufacturer’s Warranty, New Age agrees to provide this Manufacturer’s Warranty to the Customer for the following defects of the Product for the period of 3 years (Warranty Period) from the date of purchase of the Product from New Age or an authorised New Age dealer (Authorised Dealer):

  • Wall cracks and delamination of internal plywood wall;
  • Defective cladding;
  • Building material such as timber, wall plywood, cabinetry and aluminium cladding;
  • Fitment of cladding, external hatches, checker plate, air conditioners, tool boxes and factory fitted extras;
  • The silicone seal failing and water ingress damage as a result of silicone seal failing; and
  • All appliances fitted to the Product by NAC only during the manufacturing process,

(Each one referred to as a Defect and collectively, the Defects).

2. Subject to the all terms in this Manufacturer’s Warranty including clauses 5 to 21 inclusive (General Conditions), if a Defect becomes apparent in the Product during the Warranty Period, and New Age determines that there is a Defect, subject to compliance with the terms of this Manufacturer’s Warranty then New Age will, at its sole discretion, replace or repair at its cost (subject to the other terms of this Manufacturer’s Warranty) the Product, or approve the replacement or repair by an authorised repairer (referred to as an Approved Replacement or Repair).

3. In order for this Manufacturer’s Warranty to be valid the Customer must have lodged the warranty cards set out below at the bottom of this Manufacturer’s Warranty within fourteen (14) days from the date of the purchase of the Product.

4. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The Customer is entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. The Customer is also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

General Conditions:

5. For the duration of the Warranty Period, New Age will replace or repair, as determined at its sole discretion, any Product which has been determined to have a Defect without charge to the Customer so long as the Defect does not arise as a result of:

  • Unsafe use and operation of the Product by the Customer, including:
    • use for commercial purposes;
    • use of the Product other than in accordance with this Manufacturer’s Warranty and any applicable safety instructions;
    • a failure by the Customer to take reasonable care in accordance with the requirements of this Manufacturer’s Warranty;
    • a failure by the Customer to comply with all applicable and relevant safety laws;
    • a failure by the Customer to take reasonable care in connecting the Product to, or using the Product with, a standard passenger vehicle. For the purpose of this Manufacturer’s Warranty, a “standard passenger vehicle” means a road car/automobile (including an SUV or utility vehicle) in which up to nine (9) passengers (including the driver) are carried and extends to include vans, utility vans or panel vans (whether or not those vehicles are properly to be characterised as commercial vehicles); or
  • the Customer and persons authorised by the Customer failing to at all times travel at safe speeds taking into account variations in road conditions which may cause excessive vibrations or swaying leading to a risk of intentional or un-intentional damage to the Product.
    • Towing of the Product by any vehicle other than a standard passenger vehicle;
    • An accident;
    • The use of accessories not manufactured, or approved in writing, by New Age;
    • Any modifications, repairs or alterations of the Product not performed by New Age, or an Authorised Dealer, or which have not been authorised by New Age in writing;
    • Any inadequate or incorrect use of the Product or misuse of the Product by the Customer, or by anyone authorised by the Customer to use the Product;
    • Any use of the Product outside of its specifications;
    • Inadequate or incorrect maintenance of the Product not limited to but including a failure to conduct travel checks and maintenance as prescribed in the New Age Handbook provided to the Customer;
    • Overloading of the Product; or
    • Products being used for commercial purposes including but not limited to those being let to third parties.

6. The Manufacturer’s Warranty will only apply to any Defect relating to a Product where:

Its serial number is fully intact. In the event the serial number has been removed, defaced, changed or tampered with in any way then this Manufacturer’s Warranty will be void; and

  • The Product has been serviced as follows:
    • Within the first 1,000 kilometres of travel; and
    • Subsequently on the earlier of every 12 months (with the first being 12 months from the date of purchase) or every 10,000 kilometres of travel.

Compliance with the requirements in paragraph 3 and this paragraph 6 is a condition precedent to the Customer’s entitlement to rely upon this Manufacturer’s Warranty. Further, in the event that the Product is re-sold during the Warranty Period, the purchaser must once again comply with the requirements in paragraph 3 and this paragraph 6 in order for this Manufacturer’s Warranty to remain operative for the remainder of the Warranty Period.

7. This Manufacturer’s Warranty does not extend to cover:

  • Fair wear and tear;
  • Tyres;
  • Items contained within the Product including, but not limited to, canvas, canopies, windows, screenings, vinyl, cushion and mattress covers are not warranted against tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening, fading or soiling, but the preceding are covered in respect of defective workmanship and materials;
  • Any damage or defect caused by Semi Off Road/All Terrain Travel as outlined in clause 22;
  • Dust, stone damage or water infiltration other than water ingress damage referred to in clause 1.v;
  • General maintenance;
  • Deterioration in overall aesthetics of the Product due to wear and tear, exposure, impact damage or aging; and
  • Any other defect which is not a Defect included in clause 1.

8. In the event that New Age determines that the Defect to the Product has been caused due to abuse, misuse or improper installation of accessories or any other event referred to in clause 5, then repair and replacement of the Product if required and requested by the Customer will be charged to the Customer at the current hourly rate of the repairer, whether it be New Age or an Authorised Dealer. New Age will provide the Customer with an estimate of these costs before the Product is repaired by New Age, an Authorised Dealer or any other person authorised by New Age.

9. All Approved Replacements and Repairs must be undertaken by New Age or a repairer authorised by New Age.

10. For the avoidance of doubt, this Manufacturer’s Warranty does not include call out services or the costs of same. In the event Approved Replacements or Repairs are performed offsite at a location of the Customers choosing the Customer will be required to pay the call out fee which is to be determined and advised to the Customer by New Age.

11. In the event any additional repairs, replacements, additions or works outside the scope of Approved Replacements or Repairs are conducted at the request of the Customer, the Customer will be charged accordingly for labour and parts.

12. New Age will not reimburse the Customer for any repairs performed by an unauthorised repairer, unless prior written consent has been provided by New Age, and which repairs would otherwise have been covered by this Manufacturer’s Warranty.

13. New Age reserves the right to replace defective parts of the Product with parts and components of similar quality, grade and composition where an identical part or component is not available.

14. Parts and designs of the Product may change from time to time without notice. These changes are not deemed a warrantable claim.

15. All Approved Replacements or Repairs performed according to this Manufacturer’s Warranty will be conducted in a reasonable time frame considering all circumstances.

16. The Product is not deemed a form of residential living and accordingly New Age will not be responsible for accommodation claims for the duration the Product requires any Approved Replacement or Repair.

17. New Age reserve the right to decline warranty claims should the Customer fail to follow the conditions set out above.

18. The determination of Approved Replacements or Repairs being covered by this Manufacturer’s Warranty is at the sole discretion of New Age.

19. All claims under this Manufacturer’s Warranty will be considered based on the information provided at the date of claim and will be completed at the sole discretion of New Age.

20. All arrangements for transport of a Product and charges for transportation of a Product alleged to have a Defect, or any part thereof, to New Age must be made and paid by the Customer.

  • If the Product is confirmed by New Age to have a Defect, the Customer is entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from New Age subject to and conditional on the Customer providing New Age with all relevant receipts and such other documentation to substantiate and prove such expenditure was incurred by the Customer.
  • If New Age is unable to find or confirm a Defect with the Product, the Customer will be required to pay the transport, inspection and testing costs (including any other associated costs for work performed by New Age and the authorised repairer) and the costs of returning the Product to the Customer. New Age will provide the Customer with an estimate of the costs of returning the Product before the Product is returned or delivered to the Customer. New Age will require payment of all such costs prior to returning or delivering the Product to the Customer.

21. These conditions are subject to change by New Age without notice.

Semi Off Road Conditions

22. Semi Off Road

  • For the purposes of this clause 22, Semi Off Road means travel on a passageway that is not a “public road” within the meaning of the Road Management Act 2004 (Vic) (or any other equivalent or comparable concept under other State or Territory legislation) and travel on a public road that is comprised of gravel or that is graded as an unsealed road but does not include:
    • deep rough roads and/or roads with large ruts or large pot holes;
    • severely uneven surfaces or water crossings which are greater than the lowest point of the chassis rails;
      New Age Caravans Manufacturer’s Warranty – 2018
    • any road or passageway that may only reasonably be accessed or used by vehicles with four-wheel drive capabilities or by all-terrain vehicles or a vehicle that is not a standard passenger vehicle;
    • any road or passageway designated or identified as “off-road”, including under the Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act 1978 (WA).

Subject to these exclusions, the reference to “Semi Off Road” in this Manufacturer’s Warranty is intended to refer to, and to include, unsurfaced roads that are still driveable whether the surface is gravel, grass, mud or any type of unsealed driveable surface.

  • b. Any Defect caused to the Product as a result of Off Road:
    • Will only be covered by this Manufacturer’s Warranty if the Product has been fitted with a semi off road option as outlined in clause 22 (c) and the Manufacturer determines there is a Defect in accordance with the General Conditions and after consideration of the matters contained in this clause 22; or
    • Will not be covered if the Product has not been fitted with the semi off road options as outlined in clause 22(c).
  • Semi Off Road Options include, but are not limited to “Cruise Master”, “AL-KO IRS & Enduro Suspension”, full under body armour and Reinforced Furniture (collectively, ‘Semi Off Road Options’).
  • Where the Product has been fitted with the Semi Off Road Options:
    • The Customer is required to take reasonable care in undertaking Semi Off Road travel as gas regulations and construction will limit preventions against dust, stone damage and water infiltration.
    • the Customer and persons authorised by the Customer must at all times travel at safe speeds taking into account variations in road conditions which may cause excessive vibrations or swaying leading to a risk of intentional or un- intentional damage to the Product.
  • Items such as stone damage to the body, chassis or any component including plumbing and electrical components, impact damage, water damage due to water crossing higher than the lowest point of the chassis rails, displacement or movement of appliances and fittings due to excessive rough travel, damages or discolouring of appliances, fittings, upholstery due to any dust, water or other foreign matter ingression on any products fitted to the Product will not be covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty irrespective of whether any Semi Off Road Options is fitted.
  • The Customer should contact an Authorised Dealer for advice on ensuring that the Product has the appropriate Semi Off Road Options for the Customer’s desired travel conditions.
  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the Product is fitted with Semi Off Road Options before considering any unsealed road travel.

Claim Procedure Conditions:

23. In the event a Customer notices a defect with the Product during the Warranty Period then the Customer must immediately cease using the Product unless otherwise advised by New Age and make a claim under this Manufacturer’s Warranty as soon as reasonably practicable by notifying their Authorised Dealer in writing of any such defect together with the following information and documents:

  • Proof of purchase of the Product (unless the Customer has already provided New Age with this information);
  • Full details of the alleged defect or damage to the Product; and
  • All appropriate documentation, including but not limited to all maintenance and service records of the Product.

24. In the event a Claim is made, the Customer must make the Product available to New Age, or an authorised repairer, for inspection and testing and the Customer must provide any other information and documents requested by New Age to assist New Age or an authorised repairer to assess the Customer’s Claim. The Customer can check New Age’s website at to locate the nearest Authorised Dealer, which can advise of the details of an authorised repairer.

General Information

By purchasing the Product, you accept the terms of this Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The rights of the Customer under this Manufacturer’s Warranty are not assignable without the prior written consent of New Age which may be withheld at the absolute discretion of New Age.

Please return the below information and your proof of purchase to New Age Caravans, PO BOX 1269 Epping VIC 3076 for our records and to validate this Manufacturer’s Warranty as required pursuant to clause 3.

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