Helpful tips for packing your caravan

Are you going away this long weekend?


Before you hit the road New Age Caravans have some helpful tips for you on packing your caravan.

This is a vital part of ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable journey. Pack smart and load evenly.

When loading your caravan, as a general guide, heaviest items should be placed in the bottom centre with lighter items being distributed evenly on both ends of your van. This will ensure a smoother trip without comprising the safety of your tow.

Plan out the majority of your meals, use fitting storage containers where possible and find some handy food storage tips such as freezing your food flat to fit more in the freezer and making use of your camping BBQ rather than carrying a variety of pots and pans.

Don’t pack clothes you won’t wear, take a pair of thongs and a pair of runners/closed toe shoes, you are on holidays! No need for stilettos on the river ?

Don’t skimp out on the essentials, be sure to always have a first aid kit handy, sunscreen, bug spray, mini tool kit, torch and fresh drinking water just to name a few.


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