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Four New Age Caravan Dealerships

In the space of just eight weeks, New Age Caravans has opened four new dealerships, increasing its network to 16 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

“Between the first of July and the first of September, we’ve had four dealerships open across three different states,” said Dealer and Business Development Manager for New Age Caravans Shane Holloway.

“Customers can now buy and service their caravans locally in Griffith and Nowra in New South Wales, Darwin in the Northern Territory, and Bundaberg in Queensland.

“New Age Caravans was already a strong and well-established brand in the RV market, but since the Walkinshaw Automotive Group acquired the company, interest from businesses wanting to sell our caravans has increased.

“In some cases, we’ve seen existing dealers relinquish other licenses to join our network and only sell New Age Caravans.”

Holloway added that each new dealership presents its own unique opportunity.

“We only manufacture and sell our caravans through our own dealer networks, so the past 12 months has been spent carefully identifying areas where dealerships would be best placed.

“For example, before we opened our new dealership in Darwin, the next closest was either Townsville or Port Headland; we had no representation in the top end.

“Our new locations give us the opportunity to reach more new and existing customers around Australia.”

While there has been a focus on opening new dealerships, Holloway said they have also been working to ensure the existing dealerships are providing a consistent customer experience, no matter where they are located.

“We’ve been working closely with our current Australian and New Zealand dealerships to equip them with the tools and training necessary for them to be one-stop-shop experience centres where customers can get everything they need for their caravans,” said Holloway.

In addition to the new dealerships, New Age Caravans has recently entered an exclusive OEM arrangement with REDARC Electronics, which is the first arrangement of its kind in the caravan industry.

“REDARC is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of electronic components to the RV industry, and our relationship gives us direct opportunity to their products and will allow us to bring aftermarket fitments such as electric brakes, in-house.

“For our customers, that means they’ll be able to have aftermarket fittings done onsite at our dealerships, and they won’t have to find another supplier.

“This will provide our customers with a better buying experience, and when they leave with their new caravan, everything will be ready to go.

“Many of our dealerships already offer aftermarket fittings, and we are working to make this service available at all 16 locations,” said Holloway.

For more information on all our dealerships in Australia and New Zealand or to find your nearest showroom, visit:


New Age Caravans manufactures a complete range of recreational vehicles for the Australian and New Zealand market. New Age Caravans recreational vehicles covers everything from camper trailers, family bunk vans through to top end luxury ranges. The New Age Caravans range of recreational vehicles are ably supported by a dedicated network of 16 Dealerships and service outlets strategically located across Australia and New Zealand, offering aftersales service and support.

In late 2018, New Age Caravans was purchased by Walkinshaw Automotive Group. Since its acquisition by Walkinshaw, New Age has quickly integrated their unprecedented automotive expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing to introduce a new level of innovation to the RV industry.

New Age Caravans manufacturing base is in Epping Victoria, which is located in the prime hub of caravan manufacturing in Australia and employs over 160 staff.