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Message from the Managing Director

Production Delay Statement

Dear New Age Caravan owners and friends,

First and foremost, we at New Age Caravans would like to thank you for your patience and understanding, not just in recent times, but right back to when we were first introduced to Covid-19 and the significant impact the pandemic has had on us all, as individuals and as businesses. Our thoughts continue to be with those people, and businesses that are still working towards recovering whether that be health wise, financial, or other.

As most of you are aware, border restrictions have eased significantly, mask wearing, and vaccination mandates are lifting along with other health restrictions imposed by differing governments. However, the Caravan Industry, like many other manufacturing businesses are still faced with many challenges. Whilst not looking to make excuses, our production schedule is currently delayed and far from where we would like it to be. We do feel it is important to share with you all some of the challenges we are currently facing.

Staffing, like others in manufacturing, particularly in Victoria, New Age Caravans has been significantly impacted by staff shortages due to Covid exposures, close contact quarantining and absenteeism for testing requirements.

Suppliers, like our workforce, our suppliers share the challenges with Covid exposures and absenteeism. This results in a reduced capacity to supply our industry. We ask that you share the patience you have extended to us, to them as well.

Supply Chain, we have been very fortunate in Australia, and despite Melbourne holding the title of most locked down city in the world, the overall impact of Covid has not been nearly as devastating on a personal level as it has been in some European and Asian countries. Customer demand for our product and the rest of the caravan industry in not restricted to Australia as demand for similar product overseas has also grown at a similar, if not greater rate. This has resulted in an overall increase in componentry and parts required from companies already battling to maintain production levels. We add to that shipping lane congestion, container shortages, extended freight times, longer lead times and inability to source raw material, fuel costs and unrest in some areas all increase the difficulty of supplying our industry and the other RV industries across the globe.

Production, Staff levels and componentry delivery has on average remained at around 70% of capacity for us here at New Age Caravans. To deliver customers their caravans as soon as possible New Age have put on hold many development and prototype projects along with removing production spots for caravan show stock and other promotional products. Our focus lays squarely on building customer products and improving internal efficiency.

Effective from June, we will have a 100% workforce level in line with our desired production requirements. The Production team have also restructured their facilities to increase their efficiencies.

The final piece of the puzzle is to re-align the production schedule so that the proposed online date, and actual online match and are accurate. We would expect this to happen around July 1st.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude and thanks for the understanding and patience you have all shown. Whilst many of the delays were and are unavoidable, we do want to deliver to you your new caravan as soon as possible, so you can get out there and begin exploring this amazing country we all get to share.

Thank you

Chris Polites

New Age Caravans - Managing Director

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