2017 Plate Clearance!

Buy a 2017 Plated New Age caravan between 14th June and 30th June, 2018 and receive up to $2,000 cash back!

If you purchase a 2017 plated Gecko, Wallaby, Bilby and Manta Ray you will be entitled to receive $1,000 cash back.
If you purchase a 2017 plated Big Red, Oz Classic, Blue Diamond and Desert Rose you will be entitled to receive $2,000 cash back.


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T&C’s (For full T&C’s please contact your local dealership) :

You will only be entitled to receive the advertised amount of AU $1,000 on either Gecko, Wallaby, Bilby or Manta Ray or $2,000 on either Big Red, Oz Classic, Desert Rose or Blue Diamond from New Age Caravans (Cash Back). The Cash Back only applies to the purchase of a 2017 built New Age caravan between 14th June and 30th June, 2018 inclusive and delivered prior to September 30, 2018.

You will not be entitled to the Cash Back until:
The full purchase price of the 2017 built New Age Caravan has been received by the Dealership;
You have collected the Caravan by no later than 30 September 2018 (if collection does not occur by 30 September 2018, your entitlement to the Cash Back will lapse).
You have obtained recreational vehicle registration of the qualifying New Age Caravan.
You are not entitled to the Cash Back if you are an employee or officer of New Age Caravans or you are an immediate family member of such a person.
The Cash Back is not transferrable to any person. Only You are entitled to the Cash Back if all the terms and conditions of this cash back offer have been satisfied.
The Cash Back cannot be applied as a reduction to the purchase price of the caravan.

Processing of the Cash Back
At the time of Purchase, the Dealership will give you, in addition to these terms and conditions, a form from New Age Caravans requesting by email a copy of Your receipt, confirmation that You have collected the relevant caravan, a copy of your recreational vehicle registration for the caravan and Your bank account and other personal details, to enable New Age Caravans to process the Cash Back by electronic funds transfer only, which is strictly the only means by which the Cash Back will be processed. New Age Caravans will not be liable to You in respect of any Cash Back that You do not receive as a result of You supplying incorrect bank account details.

Travel Destination – Adels Grove Far North Queensland

Lawn Hill Gorge

Adels Grove is a beautiful place adjacent to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park and close to Riversleigh Fossils (in Far North Queensland not far from the Northern Territory Border). We would highly recommend you visit and stay for a few days – bring your caravan or tent, or book one of the permanent safari style tents or cabins available on site. We decided to leave our caravan at the Burke & Wills Roadhouse and use our camping gear for a few days.

Adels Grove has an excellent restaurant – dinner is a set price, a two course, pre-set meal with the menu posted on the board each morning. Several tours operate from Adels Grove – we took the sunset tour with Les (one of Adels Grove’s guides) which was amazing. We suggest you carry a torch as there were hundreds of small cane toads hopping around at night when we were there. This may have changed since our visit!

Adels Grove is a magic spot for a swim – the water is very green from minerals found in the spring. There are a number of walking tracks around Adels Grove and the National Park – marked trails that enable you to explore the area safely. Canoes are available for hire, allowing you to paddle around the gorge – this is quite easy if you stay in the main (middle) gorge. It is a little more challenging to get to the upper gorge as you will need to carry the canoe up over rocks – but well worth the effort.

This area is excellent for bird watching as well as fishing – we saw our first budgies in the wild at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park (very exciting). This road is dirt but well maintained, and we saw lots of people heading into Adels Grove towing caravans and camper trailers. You can also fly into Adels Grove and land at an air-strip adjacent to the resort, perfect if you are on a strict time-frame. See more.

Preparation Checklist

Your guide to preparing for your caravan trip

Before heading off on your next big adventure, it is critical that you give careful consideration to your tow vehicle and caravan before heading off.

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria has developed this guide to assist you.

Click the below link to view the PDF version.

Travel Destination – Tathra NSW

Tathra in NSW, just before the 2018 bushfires. The town and local caravan parks need our support. It is a beautiful location, have you been there?

For more information head to https://rvtrips.com.au/nsw/tathra/

Your Guide to Caravanning


Loading your van, caravan sway, caravan maintenance and servicing and quick caravanning tips.

If you are going to purchase a caravan, it is critical that you give careful consideration to your vehicle’s towing capacities, your caravans weight capacities and what you plan to do on your travelling journeys prior to making your purchase.

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria has developed this guide to assist you.

Click the below link to view the PDF version.
Caravanning Tips_web

Caravan & Towing Dimensions

Your guide to caravan and towing dimensions

If you are going to purchase a caravan or getting ready for your trip, it is critidal that you give careful consideration to the legal requirements about the dimensional of your tow vehicle and caravan.

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria has developed this guide to assist you in making that big decision.

Click the below link to view the PDF version.
Caravan and Towing Dimensions_web


WIN a $5,000 Holiday for buying a New Age Caravan!

When looking around to purchase your new caravan, camper or motorhome it is crucial to look for the Accreditation Key. The Key is a symbol that the manufacturer has committed to both build and supply a product that adheres to Australian Design Rules, regulations and Australian standards.

Just by purchasing an RVMAP (Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer’s Accreditation Program) Accredited Recreational Vehicle (any New Age Caravan) between February 14, 2018 and June 23, 2018, you can go into the running to win a $5000 camping holiday.Six lucky runners up will also take home a Dometic Cool Ice CI55 worth $289 to make their next camping holiday even better.


How to win a $5000 camping holiday
Entry is open to Australian residents aged over 18 years who purchase a new RVMAP Accredited RV (A New Age caravan) between 15 February 2017 and 23 June 2018. To enter simply click here, register your purchase and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Thanks to Pedders Suspension, every valid entry receives a free Tow and Load Assessment. Some drivers might not know it, but vehicle weight from towing loads can be a significant factor in the safety and performance of a vehicle. To help keep drivers and passengers safe, Pedders have developed the world-first service to assist customers in understanding vehicle weights.


What the RVMAP key tells us about the accredited business
They have committed to building a product that adheres to relevant Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules.
They are committed to adhere to the program’s Code of Practice and Code of Ethics, which go beyond the government rules and regulations.
They have agreed to have their products randomly and regularly reviewed.
They are committed to continually improving standards as an industry as well as their own products.
They have chosen to be part of this industry program as a representation of their commitment to compliance.
They have access to extensive technical support to ensure both their industry and product knowledge are up to date.
As a buyer, the RVMAP Accreditation Key provides a greater level of certainty when you are dealing with manufacturers of caravans, campers and motorhomes. It is by no means a warranty of compliance or a guarantee of quality for your vehicle – these reside with the manufacturer. However, the key does mean that the accredited business has agreed to be held accountable to the RVMAP Accreditation program, which indicates that they are committed to compliance and the highest industry standards.