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New Age Caravans Appoints New Chairman and CEO

New Age Caravans has appointed a new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as the Walkinshaw Automotive Group (WAG) finalises its acquisition of the Melbourne-based manufacturer and former Owner Gabby Montagnese concludes her current role as CEO and Executive Director.

As New Age Caravans now moves into its next phase of operation, Owner and Director of WAG Ryan Walkinshaw has been appointed Chairman while former WAG Chief Operations Officer Ivan Krizman has been appointed to the position of CEO.

With the transition of ownership now complete, Krizman said he is looking forward to the challenge his new role brings and working with his fellow executives.

“I am delighted to be appointed CEO of New Age Caravans and working with the new board on our journey ahead, “said Krizman.

“Our Board comprises some of the most experienced people in business and the automotive landscape including the founder of Carsales Limited Greg Roebuck and Jeffrey Browne former Chairman of Carsales Limited and current Chairman of HSV and listed investment bank Moelis Limited.

“They are joined by WAG Chief Executive Officer Tim Jackson, WAG Chief Operating Officer Joel Stoddard and former WAG Chief Financial Officer Mark Wilson who each bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and skills to New Age Caravans.

“I’m excited by the possibilities that lie ahead, and I’m looking forward to leading the future direction of the company which currently holds a very strong position in the market.”

New Age Caravan’s major advantage now is its ability to draw on the WAG’s unprecedented automotive expertise.

“The Walkinshaw Group has long been a market leader in automotive innovation and technology, and having direct access to their capabilities in design, engineering and manufacturing gives New Age Caravans the ability to set a new standard in the RV industry.

“Our focus is on using the Walkinshaw philosophy to develop our own unique technology, styling and parts to reinvigorate not only the type of products in the market but the quality and safety of the products as well.

“We’ve also brought in a mix of Walkinshaw staff as well as personnel with expertise in the RV industry to bring fresh ideas to the areas of sales and marketing, products, business development, and manufacturing,” said Krizman.

For more information about New Age Caravans, please visit the website:

    New Age Caravans Board

    Ryan Walkinshaw – Chairman
    Jeffrey Browne - Non-Executive Director
    Greg Roebuck – Non-Executive Director
    Ivan Krizman – Executive Director (CEO)
    Mark Wilson – Executive Director (CFO)
    Joel Stoddard – Non-Executive Director (COO - HSV)
    Tim Jackson – Non-Executive Director (CEO - HSV)


New Age Caravans manufactures a complete range of recreational vehicles for the Australian and New Zealand market. New Age Caravans recreational vehicles covers everything from camper trailers, family bunk vans through to top end luxury ranges. The New Age Caravans range of recreational vehicles are ably supported by a dedicated network of 16 Dealerships and service outlets strategically located across Australia and New Zealand, offering aftersales service and support.

In late 2018, New Age Caravans was purchased by Walkinshaw Automotive Group. Since its acquisition by Walkinshaw, New Age has quickly integrated their unprecedented automotive expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing to introduce a new level of innovation to the RV industry.

New Age Caravans manufacturing base is in Epping Victoria, which is located in the prime hub of caravan manufacturing in Australia and employs over 160 staff.

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