Customer Wellbeing

Customer Wellbeing

The New Age focus is on the customer and ensuring that they are happy with not only the high quality product, but also the service. When purchasing a New Age Caravan one is not only purchasing the caravan, but also the New Age lifestyle and support.

With dedicated suppliers and dealerships you can rest assured that you receive and have access to a support network Australia Wide. The New Age experience does not end at purchase, so be a part of the New Age Caravans family and enjoy a lifetime of cherished memories.

New Age Caravans offer a spare parts service which provides customers with a range of genuine parts for New Age Caravans. The New Age Caravans experience offers our clients a wide range of services, extended past the build of their caravan. Our Customer Assurance Department are available to assist our clients along their journey of caravanning, as part of this service, there is the opportunity for clients to purchase Spare Parts directly through New Age Caravans.
For all your Spare Part enquiries please contact the New Age

Caravans Spare Parts Department on:


Phone: 03 9305 1714


3 Year warranty with every new purchase.

For more information, please contact your local dealership.

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