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Road to Freedom competition winner

Our Road to Freedom Assistance Package sale added something new that New Age Caravans has never done before, a huge competition where the winner is decided by originality and creativity. The prize for this competition was $9K cash and $1K of travel vouchers from our partners at BIG4, designed to help get the winner back on the road and travelling our beautiful country. We were inundated with so many amazing submissions and were blown away with the range of responses we received. It was extremely tough to pick just one winner and took days of back and forth between staff to finally choose. In the end, Shea Gallegos was the staff favourite and walked away with the prize. Shea was lucky enough to be presented with a cheque and BIG4 voucher at New Age Caravans Sydney, the dealership where they purchased their bought their caravan. Shea and Cathy Gallegos were over the moon, calling up New Age Caravans after the presentation to let us know that the novelty cheque they received would be going straight to the pool room. We wish Shea and Cathy all the best with their future travels and hope they make the most of their prize.


Shea Gallegos

We will visit Batemans Bay, one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and help support them with their Bushfire and Covid recovery.

Honourable mentions:


Small towns up and down the east coast of Australia to inject some money back into their economies after suffering bushfires, floods and Covid 19.


Throughout NEW South Wales with NEW Age having NEWly retired.


In the words of our 10 year old son Fred... We want to go to Rainbow Beach in QLD and chase Rainbows!


To celebrate my wife's 60th birthday we bought a van and are going to start ticking off our WA bucket list starting at Shark Bay.


We will hook on the 🚘 strap in the 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and head off into the 🌅. With the 🌬 in our hair and the ☀️ On our face we will head to the 🏖


We can’t wait to ‘hoot’ away in our new road owl. We will ‘fly’ to the coast, hopefully get our ‘feathers’ wet with a quick ‘swoop’ into the ocean


New Age getaway

Road owl gliding down pacific highway

From BIG4 Tathra to Hervey Bay

Shake off Melbourne’s winter Grey

Our family’s first van vacay


In this 'new age' of lockdown I'll be off exploring in my mobile home

To ocean waves, golden sands, the WA outback to roam.

Where exactly? I really don't mind,

Just give me blue skies and sunshine

Deck chairs, cheese and sneaky midday wine.


We can’t wait to get away,

But our kids scream and howl.

So in our driveway we will stay,

In our New Age Road Owl!


Off to Pardoo Station in our new van,

The wife will go to work on her tan.

The kids will swim and pee in the creeks,

Pilbara sun putting some red on their cheeks.

Dad will be hydrating with plenty of beer,

When its time to head home then down come the tears.


We have no family in WA (all in QLD). Our first trip will be to Agnes Water to introduce our parents to their new granddaughter


Montana on the Macalister - a hidden paradise valley. No power, no phone service, no worries! Our New Age Gecko has us covered.

And lastly, the very first submission for the Road to Freedom competition and an early staff favourite


From Perth WA to Hamilton Victoria to show our daughter how we spent her inheritance.

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