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7 crucial questions you must answer before buying a caravan

Publish Date - 17/10/2019

These handy hints can help you hit the road with absolute faith in your home on wheels.

Whether you’re buying a TV, a house, or a caravan, there are always questions you need to ask and answer before you purchase.

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Jargon busters: everything you need to know about towing

Publish Date - 15/10/2019

Be in the know about how to tow with this handy guide.

Knowledge is power if you ever plan to tow a caravan.

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Way to go! New Age camper trailer abounds with versatility

Publish Date - 27/09/2019

In this special feature, we explore the magnificent Wayfinder camper trailer thanks to our partners at New Age caravans.

Whether you’re a new player to caravanning holidays or a veteran when it comes to caravanning in Australia, you’re sure to agree that our featured camper is an absolute beauty…

Their answers might just help you to avoid buyer regret.

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2019 Dual-cab ute comparison

Publish Date - 27/09/2019

Car Advice test 11 of the best double-cab utes on sale in Australia today, including towing, loading, in the city and suburbs, and off-road.

It’s the most comprehensive test they’ve undertaken: 11 of Australia’s top-selling double-cab utes compared side-by-side across multiple disciplines.

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Buying a caravan? Avoid these common mistakes

Publish Date - 26/09/2019

A caravan is a major purchase. This advice aims to put you on the road to happiness. The decision to purchase a caravan can be a daunting one. Like any sizeable investment, there’s a lot to consider. And our friends at New Age caravans have seen it all over the years. So, we put the question to the team at New Age caravans in Sydney: What are the most common mistakes people make when buying a van?

Their answers might just help you to avoid buyer regret.

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New Age XU 2019 Review

Publish Date - 25/09/2019

You probably can take it all with you in New Age's big toy hauler caravan.

In these liberated days this is not always the case, but given that they are designed to take outdoor ‘toys’ like trail bikes, all terrain vehicles (quads), personal water craft (jet skis), mountain bikes and surfboards to adventure areas, it’s a fair chance that most of the XU (Xtreme Utility) caravans built at New Age's Melbourne factory will be bought and used by men.

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Walkinshaw Fully Committed to Caravans

Publish Date - 08/04/2019

The Walkinshaw Group has taken full ownership of New Age Caravans. “We are excited about our ownership of New Age Caravans”, said Ryan Walkinshaw. “We have been working steadily in the background to develop new aspects to the product, and we are looking forward to accelerating the outputs from our design and engineering teams”, added Walkinshaw.

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